Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Understanding Morph VOX By: Sean Tan

Voice changing software is a sound changer software, and maybe the world's very popular single at that. As the name suggests, this software tool can help to change your voice and adapt it to some other quality. Voice changes can happen from male to female, female to male, old people to young, young person to old. But the best part is that voice can also be adapted to fit into the voices of fictional characters. Some of the fashionable fictional characters on the list of voice changing software are the Dark Emperor of the Sith, Chief Gordon, the Droid and many more. As the site itself says, you can make your voice to sound like that of a nubile nymph or a tiny dwarf to that of a large sprawling giant features.

This software has a very friendly and simple to understand interface. There is a drop down menu, from which the preferred character can be selected. Then there are also several background sounds that can be used. The background sounds are effects such as a car screeching, drum rolls, the ka ching of a money register or even someone belching.

The higher use of voice changing software today is being made in chatting and in multiplayer games. Duration chatting, people always make avatars, and while playing online games, they would have to design some sameness of their own. In most multiplayer games and chat programs, voice can also be provided to the features or avatar, whatsoever the case may be. This is where the character can be personalized by giving them some specific voice from the voice changing software list. If you speak, it will be heard in the voice of that character. Users feel that this gives more credibility to the character they are portraying and it also able to mask their own identities if they wish.

Wherever a microphone can be used, voice changing software can be used also. It can be also used to put in voices on existing audio and video files. Some professionals use the voices from voice changing software to improve their multimedia presentations. Even studio artists are now making use of this favor voice changer software to save on costs. One single sound artist will be able to record in many voices using this software.

Voice changing software is a very easy to use software, but which is most exciting to use. It has become very popular and is slowly changing the method people used to look at online communication.

By: Sean Tan

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