Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

This Is When You Cannot Do Without PC Optimizer By: Sean Tan

Different people use their computers in various ways, but if you are like very of the people using computers out there, you will be working no less than four hours on your computer severally day. And actually a great part of this time will be working by your online activities. If that is the case, then your computer is getting cluttered with temporary Internet and program files severally day. What are the efforts you are taking to clean up these files?

As we use programs on our computer, they install some temporary files into the hard disk system of the computer so that they can work best. These programs are dumped into the first free space on the hard disk, and are usually removed when the program is terminated. But, in some badly written programs, this deletion does not occur. And that is when your computer starts getting loaded unnecessarily.

The same happens when you visit websites. All websites will load some temporary files on your hard disk which automatically go into the cookies folder. These files also clutter your hard disk and bring down its efficiency, specially thus the number of cookies will increase when your Internet usage increases.

That is why PC optimizer and various such optimizer tools must be used. These tools will take away all such files from the registry and various hard disk places so that the computer is able to work at its best efficiency once again.

Several computer users who are told about optimizer programs will ask when they should run these programs on the computer, and how many times. This is a good problem to ask, because the scanning from these optimizers can take a lot of time. There are some answers to these queries:-

You can configure most optimizer programs PC optimizer to run when either the computer is getting started or when it is being shut down. Of course, it is better to configure the program to run with the startup.

Most optimizer programs will run automatically in the background when you do other work. PC optimizer can run a whole scan on your computer in all the places where temporary files load, and will not interfere in your computer's functioning. You do not even want to shut down browsers like you want to do with other such tools.

You will need optimizer tools like PC optimizer badly (to be used everyday, that is) if:-
You use your computer anywhere more than two hours a day, either for your online or your offline work.
You have to download files from the Internet regularly.
You visit more than ten websites in a single day.
You want to regularly install and uninstall software from your PC.
Your computer does not have, or did not have, a firewall.
Your computer has embedded spyware programs.

Running an optimizer scan on your computer and then deleting the unwanted files is quite an easy job, which happens automatically even as you work. Do not neglect on it, unless you want your computer to slow down interminably within a few weeks of its continued usage.
By: Sean Tan

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